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After spending three decades neck-deep in the corporate world, founder Todd Jones decided it was time to travel a simpler path. As a result, Moonstone Coffee Works was born. The Moonstone coffee truck navigates the corridors of Northeast Ohio in search of folks who appreciate the humble sincerity of good coffee. We are unique from other mobile vendors because coffee is our passion, and we’re laser-focused on it.

We offer a range of gourmet espresso drinks, cold-brew coffees, teas, and hot chocolates. We are a self-contained ‘coffee shop on wheels’ that can be set up at any suitable location, winter, spring, summer or fall. Our coffee truck can brew and serve at office complexes, sports tournaments, retail establishments, or community festivals. We also book private events such as weddings, retirement parties, banquets, and more to provide guests with a more exclusive and memorable experience. The options are endless. So long as we can park the Moonstone rig there, we can serve.

moonstone coffee


A Moonstone is a naturally occurring gemstone found on several continents, and is one of June’s traditional birthstones. Todd’s daughter was born in early June, thus inspiring the name — Moonstone Coffee Works.

Moonstone was regarded in ancient times as the “Traveler’s Stone” due to the widely held belief that carrying a Moonstone in your pocket offered strong protection from dark forces and helped travelers see the path ahead more clearly.

Healers and mystics believe Moonstones are powerful companions that guide us through life’s major changes and new beginnings. It is said that Moonstones can assist folks in finding their true purpose, if they’re simply willing to look.

Moonstone Coffee Works is indeed a new beginning and promises many indelible adventures to come. Along all those twisting, winding roads, we’re focused on providing Moonstone customers with an exceptional experience, not just coffee — coffee with SOUL.


Moonstone Coffee Works sought the best local artisanal purveyors that matched our dedication to their respective crafts. The goal was to find suppliers that would ultimately help enhance the “Moonstone Experience.” Teaming up with Just Brew Coffee Company means that our customers can enjoy small-batch, locally roasted organic espresso, specially blended just for Moonstone.

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You can’t specialize in coffee without teaming up with a great coffee roaster. Just Brew Coffee Company was established in 2010 when owners Jarrod and Christy Brown began relentlessly pursuing the ultimate cup of coffee. They are committed to quality, and extensively research their coffee beans and the farms they are grown on to ensure that their customers can brew a delicious cup of coffee. Just Brew Coffee focuses on single-source origin beans, roasting in small batches to allow for full control and consistent flavor. They have worked with us to produce an exclusive Moonstone Coffee Works organic espresso roast, inspired by Italy’s famed espresso beans, known for their smooth, rich flavors. This isn’t the smoky, overpowering espresso you’re likely to find at the large corporate coffee houses. Stop by to enjoy a smooth Moonstone Espresso created especially for us by Just Brew Coffee Company.


Here’s a list of when and where you can find Moonstone Coffee Works next.

17 Apr

Cleveland Clinic / Lodi Community Hospital, Lodi

Wednesday , 9:00a - 1:00p
18 Apr

Private Event, Ashland

Thursday , 8:00a - 12:00p
20 Apr

Earth Day Festival, Medina County Parks, Buffalo Creek Retreat Center, Seville

Saturday , 10:00a - 4:00p
21 Apr

Medina Youth Gridiron, Medina Stadium, Medina

Sunday , 8:45a - 12:45p
25 Apr

Private Event, Ashland

Thursday , 8:00a - 12:00p
26 Apr

Maria Gardens, 10301 W 130th St, North Royalton

Friday , 9:00a - 2:00p
27 - 28 Apr

Tree & Shrub Sale, Boyert’s Greenhouse & Farm, Medina

04 May

North Coast Premier Soccer Complex, 8809 Lake Rd, Lodi

Saturday , 9:00a - 3:00p
05 May

Private Event, Beachwood

Sunday , 10:00a - 12:00p
06 May

Private Event, Ashland

Monday , 8:00a - 12:00p
07 May

Private Event, Fairlawn

Tuesday , 8:00a - 11:00a
08 May

Private Event, Beachwood

Wednesday , 7:30a - 10:30a
No event found!
moonstone coffee


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